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Replace Missing Teeth – Santa Ana, CA

Say Goodbye to the Gaps

Older man with healthy smile

Life is just a little less enjoyable when you have missing teeth. Certain foods become off limits, particular words are almost impossible to say, and smiling…that’s just out of the question most of the time. At OC Dental Studio, Dr. Comfort is ready to offer patients multiple ways to rebuild their smiles and confidence at the same time. From custom-made bridges and dentures to state-of-the-art dental implants, she can provide absolutely everything you need, and you’ll enjoy a comfortable experience every step of the way. To schedule a consultation to learn more about your options, contact us today.

Why Choose OC Dental Studio for Tooth Replacement?

  • Our Dental Office is a Judgement-Free Zone
  • Restorations Custom-Made for Every Patient
  • Kind, Caring, & Highly-Skilled Team

Dental Bridges

Model smile with fixed bridge restoration

For patients missing just one tooth or a few in a row, a dental bridge is a type of prosthetic that can instantly make the gap disappear. On the nearby teeth, dental crowns are placed, and these are bonded to the replacement teeth to ensure they stay secure within the mouth. Not only are bridges extremely stable, but natural-looking as well, meaning patients can rely on them whether they are eating or greeting a friend.

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Hand holding full denture

The dentures of today are able to replace several missing teeth at once while also looking natural and having a comfortable fit. Custom-crafted teeth are affixed to an acrylic/metal base that is designed to blend with the gum tissue, meaning it can be trusted to last and replenish a patient’s smile. In addition to traditional removable partial and full dentures, Dr. Comfort can also provide implant-retained dentures, which offer the most stability and longevity of any dental prosthetic.

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Dental Implants

Animation of dental implant supported dental crown

Each of your teeth is actually composed of two basic parts—a root and a crown—but most replacements only bring back the crown. This makes them inherently less stable than real teeth and more susceptible to wear and tear. Implants address this problem by bringing back the entire dental structure, using a small titanium post placed within the jawbone to mimic the root. This is then used to support a patient’s new teeth, creating a result that is extremely strong, lifelike, and durable. While we can’t turn back the clock to reverse a patient’s tooth loss, implants offer the next best thing.

Learn About Dental Implants